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USD #298 Professional Development

USD #298 Professional Development Plan


College Courses:

  • All college courses must be PRE-Approved by an administrator by filling out the Individual Development Plan form.  Once signed and approved by an administrator, a copy will need to be given to the PDC Chair. The courses must be in your field or in a new endorsement area.  All college hours must be recorded in PDP toolbox.  Add the course title and course number to the title area and the college in the description area.  Check the “college credit” box and then also fill in the two boxes below that box (Course # and title).  PDC transcript must match college transcripts for relicensure.

     Points:  1 credit hour = 20 points


  • Complete the field that says “Date & Time Description.”
  • If requesting more than 8 hours, include the range of dates as part of the activity title.
  • Application and impact points must be preapproved by an administrator by filling out the IDP form (online).  A copy will need to be given to the PDC Chair.  Application points (Knowledge Points X 2) & Impact points (Knowledge Point X 3)
  • The maximum application points that can be obtained is 10 points / 20 knowledge points.

Movement on the Salary Schedule:

  • Bachelors Degree
  • 180 points for movement (100 points from PDC & 80 points from college credit)
  • Masters Degree
  • MS, MS +10, MS +20, MS +30 (200 PDC points)
  • MS +45, MS +60 (300 PDC points)

Note:  Complete all personal information and license expiration data in “Your Preferences.”

Impact Points:  If you are requesting impact points, the PDC committee suggests presenting prior to all of the work that you do, so that the committee can offer suggestions if necessary.  You will then need to present the final product to the committee, along with documentation in order to receive the points.  Our goal is to make sure that there are no surprises when you complete all of the work and request the points.

Annually:  Please go to www.pdppoolbox.org verify and/or update your information.  

  • If your name has changed, please update the information.  In the field for your middle name, add your middle name  and then behind it, add your maiden name.  
  • If you have changed your phone number, that also needs to be changed so that Greenbush can contact you if necessary.
  • Please make sure that everything in the “Preferences” is correct.
  • Request a college transcript for courses taken during the year and give to Greta’s.


  • Request a transcript from www.pdptoolbox.org (click on “request transcript for licensure renewal”)  Put your home address. Do NOT open the envelope.
  • Request transcript from college(s).  Do NOT open envelope.
  • Remember all college hours on the college transcript have to be approved in pdptoolbox. (see above for procedure)
  • Download license renewal form from www.ksde.org (licensure)
  • They do NOT send license in mail anymore.  It has to be printed off the www.ksde.org (license lookup webpage).
    Contact Ginger Mein for more information or help.  ginger.mein@greenbush.org
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