Nex-Gen Round Up for Youth Interns
Nex-Gen Round Up for Youth Interns
Norma Kobbeman
Monday, July 30, 2018

Preston Howard and Carson Walter, two high school students were hired this summer through the Nex-Generation Round-up for Youth, Inc. grant to work at the USD 298 Board Office.  This internship allowed assistance with the newly established Paw Print Store, support with the Summer Food Program at Lincoln Elementary School and general help at the board office.


The board office has offered this internship during the summer for the past three years.  This year two interns were hired to fill this vacancy to cover the large variety of jobs needing to be done.


Carson and Preston worked on different projects throughout the summer. Carson assisted more on the office side of things: collecting and sending mail, creating and distributing flyers, copying enrollment papers and making packets to mail out and checking in supplies for the upcoming school year. 


Carson Walter shared, “I was very nervous starting my first day because I didn’t know what to expect.  As the summer went on, I became more comfortable around everyone in the office and my surroundings.  I’ve always been curious what happened ‘behind the scenes’ to make our school work.  I’m very glad I applied.”


Preston started off the summer preparing the Paw Print store to be opened at the end of June. He painted the store, built the clothing racks, and took inventory of the clothes.  The grand opening of the store was on June 25, 2018.  Preston helped with the summer food program at Lincoln Elementary School.  He also contributed in the office by checking in packages, answering phone calls and shredding old documents.


Preston Howard stated, “While applying for this job I was really excited because this would be my first professional job.   After getting the call that I had gotten the job I was really thankful because these kind of opportunities don’t happen often.  When Mrs. Flinn told me that I would be running the Paw Print Store, I was nervous.   After working awhile with the office employees, I was very appreciative.    Everyone was very nice and helpful throughout the program.  As our internship comes to an end, I’m very thankful for this opportunity.  I’ve made some really great connections and learned so much!  Thank you Board Office and Nex-Gen.”


Preston and Carson first heard of the internship at the Fort Hays Career Expo last school year. The application period opened in March.   They both submitted a cover letter, a resume and were interviewed. 


Norma Kobbeman stated, “I am extremely pleased with everything I’ve asked them to do.   Carson and Preston are a great team and a wonderful asset for our office this summer.  It’s been great to get to know them better and I hope they’ll reapply next year to come back.” 


“Carson and Preston were a wonderful addition to the board office this summer.  They brought with them daily an eagerness to assist with anything asked of them and contributed a youthful sense of humor at a horribly busy time of year.   The workload that descends annually in summer months in the form of mountains of paper work, closing out the fiscal year; creating the budget for the upcoming year, state reports, ordering teacher supplies in anticipation of another school year, etc. these students remind board office staff why they ‘do what they do’ every year.  Their professional assistance was appreciated and their energy wonderful”, said Greta Obermueller.