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Sub-State Basketball

Our basketball teams were placed in a Sub-State that has 9 teams in it.  So, there has to be a play-in game between the 8 and 9 seeds to get into the regular bracket for the tournament.  Our boys team was tied with Ell-Saline for the 8 seed.  Ell-Saline won the draw for the 8 seed so our boys will travel to Brookville on Saturday 2/25 to play Ell-Saline in the play-in game.  The game will start at 6:00 p.m.

Board President, Monty Breneman, presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Irv Mitchell, Wilson State Bank, for the donation of the new scoreboards in the LJSHS Gymnasium.

Notice the change of date--March 7, 2017.  (Previously March 1)

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Concordia Hallway with FEMA Rated Doors  Concordia FEMA Building                      Concordia Window with FEMA Shutter Door
Stafford Roof Structural                 Stafford Wall with Structural       PBA Architects List of FEMA 
      Reinforcement                                    Reinforcement                    Tornado Safe Shelters They Designed   

February is CTE Month
LJSHS Pathways of the Week is Business Finance.
Business Finance Pathway Standards:
1. Utilize mathematical concepts, skills and problem solving to obtain necessary information for decision making in the finance industry. 2. Utilize tools, strategies and systems to plan, monitor, manage and maintain the use of financial resources. 
3. Understand human resources in finance to enhance employee productivity and job satisfaction. 
4. Determine effective tools, techniques and systems to communicate and deliver value to finance customers. 
5. Understand the importance of creating and maintaining a positive, ongoing relationships with finance customers. 
6. Plan, monitor and manage day-to-day activities to ensure effective and efficient finance operations. 
7. Understand the impact of safety, health and environmental controls to ensure a safe and productive finance workplace. 
8. Describe laws, regulations and ethical standards that affect finance operations and transactions. 
9. Plan and organize a finance organization/department. 
10. Plan, monitor and manage day-to-day activities required to sustain continued business functioning. 
11. Access, evaluate and disseminate financial information to enhance financial decision-making processes. 
12. Manage a financial product or service mix in order to respond to market opportunities. 
13. Employ financial risk-management strategies and techniques used to minimize business loss

Business Finance students participating in learning activities that include topics such as insurance and opportunity cost and scarcity.

Coming to LES March 14-16!  


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School fees and lunches can now be paid online.  Please specify fees or lunches from the drop down menu. Put the name of the student and what payment is for in the details box.  There is a 2.5% fee for credit/debit cards and $1.50 to pay by check online.  Click here to pay online.

You can also make payments at each building or the board office.

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